May I use your Raku ceramics to eat and/or drink?

Yes, you may.
Unlike traditional Raku ceramics, we use only food-safe glazes without lead or other metals.
Nevertheless, we ask you to take particular care in cleaning your pieces, especially those ones with crackles and a porous glaze, which tend to absorb more liquids.
We use two kinds of clay: a refractory, very porous and rough one and another one with a smoother texture.  The last one is the best one for cooking objects, because it is easier to clean.
The reduction process (link) is carried out only through the combustion of natural elements, such as dried leaves, fir-wood natural sawdust and unrefined paper. The porous or naked parts (which are not glazed and usually black) where the smoke didn’t stick are only on the outside of the objects, therefore they don’t come into contact with food or beverages.

My Raku pieces have slightly changed after prolonged use, is it normal?

Yes, it can happen, especially after prolonged use with colored food/beverages like tea, coffee, wine etc.
Some very porous or crackled glazes can absorb liquids and change aspect and/or color in time. That does not mean that they are ruined: their beauty and uniqueness is also linked to their impermanent aesthetics.

How shall I wash Raku ceramics?

Do not put it in the dishwasher, always wash it by hand using a soft and delicate sponge and a normal dishwashing liquid. You can completely immerse the pieces in warm water and vinegar for a better protection against bacteria.
Do not use brushes or abrasive paste.

How long do I have to wait to receive my order?

We ship within 3-4 days after receiving payment, priority service only. Delivery time varies from one country to the other but it is usually:
Italy: 1-2 days
Europe: 3-4 days
Europe not EU: 4-5 days
Worldwide: 5-6 days

May I make a personalized order?

Yes, you can, but you have to consider that it is not possible to replicate exactly the same pieces we have already sold: each piece is unique.

How long do I have to wait for a personalized order?

It depends, from 1 to 3 months on average, depending on how much time we can devote to making it and the season we are in. The Raku process takes place outdoors, so in winter you will have to wait longer.

When do you update your shop?

We update our store as soon as we make new pieces. We usually announce it beforehand on Instagram, where you can follow us to preview what we are working on and to receive updates. Things usually sell very quickly – that is why our shop appears perpetually sold out.

Do you sell internationally?

Yes, we sell all over the world.

May I buy your ceramics directly at your studio?

No, sorry. At the moment we only sell online.

Have you got a retailer in Venice center city?

Unfortunately we don't, for the moment we just have one retailer in Rome.
You can find some of our ceramics in this shop.

Do you hold workshop?

We are getting ready to hold them! Follow us on Instagram to receive updates.

May I post about your work on my website / blog / social channel?

Yes! Go ahead. Just make sure you link and give credit for any and all photos where credit is due.